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What do ya call this fitting?


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The copper fitting connected to the PVC is the fitting used for the icemaker drain. What is the name of the fitting...and is it proper? It may not show up well in the pic. It's a clamped on thing like a saddle valve. I can't say if it leaks as the unit has no water supply on to it yet. This was a 43 year old home which burned and was rebuilt.

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Originally posted by fqp25

Originally posted by AHI in AR

What is the name of the fitting

Bubba Fitting

I've never seen one like it, hence the question...but it appears to be commercially made. If it wasn't, someone spent a hell of a lot of time making it.

Maybe Bubba's brother made it. (The one who went all the way THROUGH 8th grade.)

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I realize that the drain line has to go into an indirect receptor. It doesn't, but that's not the question. Admittedly, it was amusing to see the looks on the faces of the clients when I explained why you didn't want to tap directly into a drain line with an icemaker drain. I not sure they'll ever be able to use it.

I just wanted to know what this thing was since I had never seen one on a drain line.

After looking at the link that Frank posted, it appears that the fitting used is actually intended for larger diameter supply lines, not drains.

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Originally posted by Richard Moore

No argument that it would be wrong. But, I can't remember ever seeing a drain from a refrigerator ice-maker...only the supply feed. Am I missing something?

Yes. It's a drain from a stand alone under-counter icemaker, not one built in to a freezer. While I don't see a lot of them, (kinda pricey) they do have drain lines. Normally, I see them drained vertically into larger diameter drains mounted below the discharge, and with a gap between them.

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