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I love this handrail


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And when it's not servin' as a "holdem" it's one of them there new step & fetch deevices for goin' vertical Hoo-wee Elly May!

I'm with Willie. Hey Willie, how close is Rockport to Austin. ASHI is holding their conference next year in Austin and my daughter lives in Austin as well. Thought I'd kill 2 with 1. I do believe you were talking about your BBQ?????????? :)

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Originally posted by WILLIE

As far as BBQ, I have been known to BBQ at Christmas. By the way, I live 2 blocks from the water. Come on down.

Now that's good Southern hospitality, just like Mom & Dad taught. Good show Willie. What time should we be there? [:-party]

Brian G.

Artery-Cloggin' Fool [:-piggy]

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UPS takes too long. I would FedX it but Tom Hanks might sniff it out.

No, I didn't try the recipe. I will give my secret though. Marinate the meat all night in Italian Dressing with a good brisket rub. Cook slowley over Oak to start with then add Mesquite or Pecan wood. My BBQs take 4-6 hrs of cooking. Oh yeah, turn it and baste it about every 20-30 min. Don't let the flames come in contact with the meat. My pit is about 8ft long.

Mike, sorry about the thread drift. But enquiring minds want to know.[:D]

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