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How many layers can you count?

John Dirks Jr

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Ok I see now. 3 layers and my bad. Yes this is the little house I had mentioned earlier this week. Many issues in just about every category. It seems like each job I get the houses get worse. Its gettin downright ugly.[:-yuck]

Heres a pic of the top layer. The other side of the roof is one layer mod bit I think, or is that roll roofing?

Brian mentioned one heck of a tear off up coming. It's more like one heck of a "tear down". The whole house that is. No joking. Rotten wood covered up all over. Serious settlement of foundation walls and piers. Floors buckling, doors jamming, on and on.

I'm just gonna take each category for what it displayed, describe it and move to the next. The whole thing is quite overwhelming if you try to think of it all at once. Just gotta take one bite at a time and sooner or later I'll have eaten this elephant.

It's not a fixer upper, it's a tearer downer.

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What you'll discover soon enough is that smaller homes often require MORE time than larger ones. Economic realities take their toll. If you have a 4000 s.f. home, chances are that the owners have generally had the financial wherewithal to make proper repairs. There are exceptions, of course, but not a lot.

On the other hand, that 1100 s.f. home likely had an owner (or owners) who had to decide between making a proper repair or paying, for instance, the car note.

In the home owner's mind, a gallon of tar, a roll of duct tape, or some epoxy putty is cheaper than the expenses they can't do anything about. The decision is made to perform a homemade repair on the problems until they have a little "extra" money to have it done right. All too often, that day never arrives. Another sacrifice is made to the god of deferred maintenance.

Bad news for anyone having to inspect the home later.

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