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neighbour has ice dam

new guy

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Hi, 1st post here!

I live in a townhouse, end unit, built 2003. I noticed yesterday in the mechanical room that there was water from the wall to the catch basin. I ripped the insullation out to see where the water was coming from, and sure enough there were no visible cracks, but it appears to be dripping from the top of the foundation wall. I reached my hand over the top and it was pretty wet. We bought it only 3 weeks ago, so its not a welcomed suprise.

I went outside and couldnt figure out where the water was coming from, so I peered over the fence and looked at the neighbours roof, and low and behold, there is a massive ice dam on the lower portion of the neighbours roof, over his kitchen, that meets my building. He doesnt have any eaves installed, so the water just pours off the roof where it pleases. Problem being, there is this massive icecycle off his roof, that is dripping down my wall, which is clearly evident by the ice/water marks from his roof down to the foundation of my structure.

I have asked him to consider the installation of eaves, to help reduce the chance of further water penetration, but not sure what he will decide.

Am I in left field here, does this make sense that his ice dam is causing water to enter into my basement?

Any suggestions?

Much appreciated.


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You're not necessarily in left field, but a picture (or 3) of the icicle and roof layout would be most helpful.

Are you saying there are no eaves at all? Do other townhomes in your development have the same issue as you are experiencing?

The prevention of ice dams by proper insulation and ventilation are better solutions than rigging up some eaves - which aren't likely to help and may just make matters worse.

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Hi Gary,

I will take photos tonight and post them. As for this being a problem in the community, I'm not entirely sure. Although a friend of mine is going through this currently with his neighbour, and the neighbour has refused to do anything about it.

If my neighbour doesnt cooperate, is there anything I can do to keep his water away from my home?

Thanks for the help.


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