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E & O Insurance of Ontario Inspectors


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Can inspectors working within the Province of Ontario provide me with some information on E & O Insurance in Ontario.

I am currently looking at getting in the business and have many questions regarding the levels of coverage, estimated cost of coverage, companies and your experience with insurance brokers.

I am located in Ottawa, who would you recommend I contact.

Thanks in advance,

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Hey PJKELLY, I'm in a similar situation as yourself. I am in the midst of a home inspectors course and have been doing research like crazy. Someone with more experience could certainly provide you with more information however I thought I'd pass along what I have found. Research has told me that E&O insurance costs on average about $50 on every $1000 billed with a minimum of around $4000. (Can someone confirm that?). As to where you can find insurance companies... If you go on the cahpi website you will find some advertisements. If you become a member their quarterly magazine is filled with companies that would love to take your money. In my research I found that TDInsurance has a very flexible policy and since I have a number of their insurance products already, I will likely be choosing that for E&O also. Hope this helps!

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