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NHIE advice/ info needed

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Good morning all,I am preparing for the coveted NHIE after completing my 84th solo, fee paid inspection. I would like some info from you inspectors that may have taken this test in the past 2 years. How many building code questions are there? What is the level of difficulty that I can expect? Any and all help will be appreciated. Oh, here's a pic that you guys might like.

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In January or there abouts I took the NHIE w/ no inspections under my belt in about an hour and passed handily.

I prepared for it here, the JLC online forum and a couple other internet forums.

I don't recall too many code questions except a railing question and a stair lighting question..minimum landing size. That kind of stuff.

Honestly, it wasn't terribly difficult, but I got some wrong so I guess it wasn't easy either. If you've done 82 inspections w/ any level of proficiency it'll be no problem at all.

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The NHIE will test minimal knowledge. Not everyone will pass it on the first try. The national pass ratio is in the mid 60's the last time I looked. If you know the basics and a little advanced stuff you should pass. Everyone is different and have varying abilities to take test.

If you look at the a basic home inspection almost everything involved in doing an inspection revolves around some knowledge of building codes and basic light construction knowledge. As home inspectors we need to know about stairs, roof structures, egress, electrical panels, plumbing, framing, roofing materials, flashing, cladding materials, foundations, insulation, drainage issues, and much more.

And most of these items relate to safety and minimal building requirements, and basically that means you need to be familiar with the basic codes.

The NHIE is not a Code Exam but many questions will relate to codes or manufactures standards.

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I took it with no inspections behind me and no time in these forums, just a one week class and what construction experience I had. It was tough under those circumstances. The only thing that really stuck in my mind was that I had 4-5 questions either starting or ending with "in a heating enviroment". That ticked me off a little. I'm in Mississippi, nobody here has ever seen an ice dam unless they came here from somewhere else. Yeah I know, diversity and all of that, but there wasn't a single question about southern or western climates.

I understand there are 3 different versions, by the way.

Best of luck Philip.

Brian G.

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