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Inspection reports

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Originally posted by Bennypilot

Does anybody know anything about The best inspectors network and their inspection forms that they offer.The reason I'm asking is that the Inspection reports are pretty cheap compare to other reports.Thanks

Never heard of them. You can go to their website and click on inspectors and you will get a list. I would call some from the list.

Keep in mind the cost of most reporting systems is in direct correlation to the quality of the system.

Research before you buy!

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I have friends who just love 3D. I have been using a word template and am switching over to a tablet using HomeGauge because it is flexible enough to duplicate the report format I have developed over the years. I have yet to see a checklist that is worth a $#@*.

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Best inspection network is a just guy that sells stuff (public domain government documents)on ebay.

The little report that have is very very weak and highly incomplete.

Crusty does your word template use autotext? macros? autocorrect?

3D is ok.

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I have some keyboard macros for the most repetitive stuff. The report is narrative. I have an enhanced keyboard that allows me to toggle between open documents. I have a couple hundred page separate document that contains my library of editable comments sorted by caregory with bold titles to speed scroll that runs concurrently with the template. I am not sure what autocorrect is so I guess not :-))

I've dialed the word format as tight as I can get it so it's time to move on. It's taking me as long to write the report as to do the inspection. I really need to streamline this operation without losing the quality of the report. Home Gauge will have the new version out any time know with a much more poerful word processor. Working the field with a tablet PC looks like an awesome opportunity.

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