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Oh, collected brilliant minds; who knows about arrowheads?

In the clearing out of the 157 year old family homestead in preparation for the move of my mother into a retirement hotel, my siblings & I uncovered a box of very fine flint & obsidian arrowheads that have supposedly been handed down from generation to generation from forebears that tilled the soil. They would pick up the arrowheads as they walked behind their horse driven plows.

How old are these things? I really don't care about value, as I cherish them too much to ever sell them. I was just wondering if anyone had some background info(?).

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Wow, Gerry; that is a great site. From what I can tell, mine match some of the ones that are listed as being from the Archaic Period, which is 9000-6000 BP.

Unfortunately, I don't know what BP means, what w/me being kinda agnostic & all.

Thanks again.

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BP is a dirty word here in Florida. A couple of weeks ago hundreds of BP gas stations received deliveries of Sulphur tainted gasolene which caused gas guage failures in thousands of vehicles. They eventually pumped out the underground tanks and have vowed to pay for the repairs to the vehicles. Biggest problem was that many of the stations had to close over the memorial day weekend.


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Hi to all,

Kurt, damn you, as if I don't have enough trivia knowledge knocking around in my head you had to get me thinking about native american technology, Like i said I find history totallt engrossing, and started looking at Indian arrow heads and tools, here is a link that you may find interesting about the Illinois Tribe of native americans (I didn't even know there was such a thing)

http://www.museum.state.il.us/muslink/n ... ls/il.html

Ok, back to thinking about the boring stuff like houses !!



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