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wood burning furnace-older unit kenmore

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kenmore wood furnace model#610.742130. my friend has a large greenhouse, & bought a second hand woodburning furnace. I sat the unit just inside the endwall &vented it only 5ft. up, with the idea of using it temporarily as a wood stove in concert with two other regular wood stoves that i had already installed to keep ice & snow from remaining on the dome. The wood stoves accomplished that task, but i realized that the furnace needed to be permanently & properly setup. I went to the sears/kenmore website, but the owners manual & installation manual were discontinued. the unit came with 20ft. of good stainless double wall, but i think it needs a barametric damper, but this is where i need the installation and tech. manuals. I've been all over the web, including manuals.com, etc., etc., etc. that is how i came upon this site. the following is a list of controls, & components that i have questions about. shutoff disk and assembly--the draft tube in front where i think the "versatrol ds100" goes.--fan&limit control--the left&right secondary air tubes--the intake--& would a manual damper be a good or a bad idea? Wish I had the install manual. Thankyou for listening.---Mik[:-angel]

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