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Stucco/ Orenco Station

Brandon Whitmore

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Question for all of the local Oregon inspectors.

I have a job coming up on Thursday in Orenco Station (Hillsboro) on a townhouse built in 2001.

I was told that the stucco has been recently replaced throughout the complex because of a bunch of problems.

Can any of you provide me with any info. regarding this?

Here's a picture.

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52.43 KB

I am also curious as to whether it is true stucco or synthetic.

Also, do any of you the name of a good stucco inspector in the area-- the Realtor wants me to refer one to him. I used to recommend Siding Solutions Inc.-- are they a good choice?


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From what I know, it is all EIFS. I've seen a couple that were under repair, what a mess! Some of the owners are being assessed a large sum as part of the siding replacement and rot repair. Not all of the units have been replaced yet. Bring your EIFS hard hat!

Siding Solutions is still the EIFS firm I recommend.

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Scott-- Thanks for the info.

Mike-- I blew up the picture and it almost looks like some control joints at the tops of the windows, but it's hard to tell.

The RMLS listing has it listed as: Stucco.

Reminds me of the listing agent on my inspection last week that listed her personal house as fiber cement lap. Most of it was LP lap, with some fiber cement repairs............ hmmmmmm....

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Well, the siding turned out to be true stucco siding with EIFS accents. It looks like they originally had EIFS installed.

Here's a picture of the house across the street (one of many being worked on right now):

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45.54 KB

Here's a picture of base of the wall. How big of a deal would you all make of the felt paper not being properly lapped over the weep screed?:

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54.55 KB

Here's the expansion joints:

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57.46 KB

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I'm not a big fan of this installation detail. What do you guy's think about it. I know EIFS requires a 27 deg. slope, but what about with stucco? At least the rail cap slopes outward, just not at much of an angle.. :

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32.3 KB

ASTM Designation: C 926

Standard Specification for

Application of Portland Cement-Based Plaster


(Mandatory Information)


A2.1.1 Sufficient slope on faces of plastered surfaces shall

be provided to prevent water, snow, or ice from accumulating

or standing. Air-entrained portland cement plaster provides

improved resistance to freeze/thaw deterioration. Resistance to

rain penetration is improved where plaster has been adequately

densified during application and properly cured. Plaster shall

not, however, be considered to be “waterproof.â€

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Interesting to know that they are replacing the EIFS with real stucco. My wife and I used to walk around that neighborhood after having dinner at one of the local resturants. One evening after dinner and a couple of "pops", I decided to see if the stucco was real or EIFS. I walked up to one house that was for sale and appeared vacant. I rapped my knuckes on the siding ... it was EIFS. Then out of the front door came the owner and wanted to know what the *&@% I was doing to his house. Oops, I had to explain that I was just checking what the siding was! Boy, did I almost get it! I apologized and no police were involved! That'll teach me for being inquisitive. Maybe I should have just read the listing flyer on the sign post.... but that would have been too easy!

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You need to learn the sneak attack mode. Walk up and just "push" on it, that way they don't hear you. [;)]

I was surprised to find out it was true stucco. I cheated the night before and wasted my time writing up a large paragraph about all of the problems they've had with EIFS. I guess it was good practice.

They had siding torn off a lot of homes, and were tearing more off while I was inspecting. They were pulling cedar shingle siding off of some of them, which was surprising. The fiber cement lap installation details my the inspection house were some of the best I have seen. Luckily, my house was not one of the ones where they poured all of that concrete up against the walls.

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