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Dryvit/stucco help, Need ideas!


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I know this is an old post, but hoping some in here see it.

My house in mainly Dryvit I think here in PA. In PA this is a newer fad and many upper end homes are doing this look. For the past 20 years they were brick, etc, but now all the newer developments are Dryvit/stucco, etc.

I want to replace the Vinyl Siding on the garage side and make it match the rest of the house. I hate the siding, and this is the side that everyone sees from the road or when they pull up.

I need some suggestions on the detail work. Like above the garage doors? Would it look good to put the half moon with keystones above them? I had one contractor out that said it would look best to keep it consistent with the rest of the house.


Any help here or anyone that can photoshop?

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As they're purely decorative, I might be tempted to go with 3 arches, all the same size. IE, 2 above the double door. Oh, and also add one above the man door. And, maybe the brick as well as Blago, sorry Jerry, suggests. The final touch might be "carriage" style doors.

Or...I'd save the money and go to Hawaii or Jamaica for 2 or 3 weeks.

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P.S. how do I get email confirmations of replies?

I don't know if we have that feature here(?). Most of us just kind of hang out.

To be honest, I doubt you will get much more on this. I think you would be better talking to an architect or some type of designer. Ultimately, whatever you think you would like is probably the way to go.

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