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Unique house that I just booked

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This going to be a fun one. I just booked this home for an EIFS inspection. They only wanted an EIFS inspection and not a home inspection. I think that I have been worn out by the no inspection mentality, I have just stopped trying to convince folks

Unique house

I just don't understand spending this type of money without a home inspection. They are worried about the EIFS, and for good reasons so I guess I can't fuss very much.

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Make sure that they sign some type of agreement that clearly defines your scope of work and releases you from any reponsibility for defects that you should have seen when you were there.

That gets me wondering, what is our responsibility to report life safety issues even if we are not hired for that task, regardless of written agreements?

As to Darren's input, if you start talking about deck defects, where do you stop? It is a slippery slope.

I hate being asked to do a partial job. I know times are tough but your clients are being cheap in the wrong place.

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Partial jobs are very hard. There's always something one sees that isn't included in the parameters of the incomplete approach.

I always tell the folks that I'm going to see stuff they should know about. I've never been unable to sell them a complete job after a very short discussion.

Someone buying a Brentwood Box spends more on wine for dinner than the cost of a home inspection.

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With all of the windows, decks and being built in 1997 you know it is going to be leaking like a sieve. I did email the person and they don't want a home inspection because another buyer had one about a month ago and that deal fell apart. He was given a copy of that report! [:-banghea

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Something I've been considering that may work here.

Tell them you will do the entire inspection and if you don't find stuff the other inspector missed, the inspection is free.

I've been tempted to tell the lowballer callers that they should hire their cheap inspector and me as well. I will work for free if I can't find anything they missed............

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