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Polaris Boiler for Hydronic Heat and Domestic Hot

Paul McGill

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Looking for parts and info on a Polaris Water Heater Model PBG102-345100-2NV, Ser.No. 98418120160.

The American Water Heater Group does not make parts particually the fan mixing the incoming air and natural gas.

The heater has very little use but the fan was installed at the factory improperly with 1 mounting crossthreaded subsequently the fan ran on a bias and vibrated the blades and a pressed on spacer loose.

This was a sealed unit and the contractor wants to sell me a new boilre for $7,100.


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It looks like a 1998 model, in which case it's probably in what I like to call the "replacement window" of 10 to 15 years. It could fail at any time; and, unless you've flushed it every year and replaced the anode rod(s) when you were supposed to, you shouldn't be surprised if it doesn't make the upper range of that window. You've apparently used a water heater for the past decade and have been comfortable with it; I don't see a need to start dinking around and changing the system to add a boiler - get a new, but better, water heater.

Here are some options:

http://www.bradfordwhite.com/images/sha ... /542-B.pdf

http://www.bradfordwhite.com/images/sha ... /547-B.pdf


http://www.statewaterheaters.com/lit/sp ... S02508.pdf



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