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Well, my golf game has improved considerably (high 80's). I'm still struggling with the guitar. And I'm wrapping up an interesting master's program. Oh, we also just bought a new Miata since I no longer need to tune my ladder-holes to play smoke on the water.

I think of the champions here a lot - especially with this economy - and am pulling for all of you.

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Hi Gary,

It's good to hear from you. Come on around more often!

I'm not surprised that the government finally declared Libby a disaster area but I am surprised about how long it took them to finally get around to it. I guess they were waiting for the court case to end, figuring that a settlement with W.R. Grace would ensure that tax money didn't need to be spent. The trial ended a few weeks ago and the execs at W.R. Grace were cleared of any wrongdoing, so those people basically got screwed three ways from Sunday.



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