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termite sniffers

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Nothing new.

Local inspector Jake Forrest's beagle, Scout, was trained to find both termites and carpenter ants. I saw that dog in action and it was simply amazing. When Jake gave her the command to find termites, the dog took of at a trot and honed right in on them. As far as I know, she never gave a false positive. The same with carpenter ants. Interestingly, if she was tasked with finding carpenter ants, she'd ignore any termites that she smelled and vice versa.

Jake was in the process of getting her trained to find mold when he lost his insurance. After years of insuring him & the dogs (he had a second dog apprentice), the insurance company suddenly pulled the plug. This wasn't E&O, it was liability insurance against the dogs attacking someone. The dogs were both as sweet as sugar and had never even growled at anyone while on the job, but after being dropped, no other company would come near him.

- Jim Katen, Oregon

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