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Insulator for Gutters

Kyle Kubs

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Anyone ever seen an "insulator" like this before? Talking about the black thing clipped onto the gutter edge. I'm wondering if this is a listed product or just some thing someone put on figuring it would probably work.

The SEC is an old Loomex cable that has seen far better days to it should get addressed when this is changed but I hate seeing something that I don't know what it is.

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I'm just guessing, but looks to me like that is water tubing you would use for lawn water sprinklers (buried). And then they slit it. Might look at the length-wise cut to see if it is perfect or looks like it was cut with a utility knife or a circular saw.

Also this looks like what the electric company uses to put over live wires when working for safety, except theirs are much larger and orange colored.

And anyone could have done this. The electric company, the electrician, or the homeowner.

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That whole service is a train wreck. There should be a mast going through the overhang and a proper weatherhead, not that funky stub covered with a half tube of silicone. Do all the anchors look like that? If the utility did that to my house I'd be screaming at them.


This is the original setup from back in the early fifities. The inside is a series of old, original fuse panels. Yes the whole thing is a train wreck, I was just wondering about the item on the gutter.

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