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Return air duct by gas heater

Danny Pritchard

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I saw this today.Three supply ducts and one return duct.Behind the return duct is a closet for a gas forced air heater.No provisions have been made as yet to supply the heater with makeup air.I would think when they sheetrock they will place a grill in the wall for the added air.The closet backs up to the attic where this could be done.

I question the location of the supply next to the return duct and is the return duct too close to the closet where it could affect the makeup air?

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The supply and return are definately too close to each other. Some separation is needed to allow the heat to properly cycle through the room. This will only allow the heated air to be drawn back into the return. Defeating the purpose. I would like to see how this will be finally finished.

As for the water heater makeup air. There is not enough information. You need to know where the opening for the make up air is going to be located. You might want to make a note in your report telling the buyer to check whether or not the make up air opening is installed and how it is installed.

Aaron Flook

A-Z Tech Home Inspections

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