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preston's help please

Chad Fabry

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Originally posted by Chad Fabry

This is the furnace. Other than a multitude of wiring that's done poorly, this roll out pattern was evident. The outside of the unit showed no signs of being hot, but it looks like there's a problem here.

I'd guess 1978, though it could be 1982. (In York coding, H=1978, M=1982)

The picture doesn't look like rollout. More like the small amount of spillage that happens sometimes at startup. After 20+ years of this, you'll see rust in this area. That in itself isn't a big deal.

Another very strong possibility is that the faceplates are cracked. Did you remove that flame shield? If not, turn around and bang your head against the wall three times.

The faceplates on that furnace are separating the combustion chamber from the circulating room air. A crack in the faceplate on this particular furnace is just like a crack in a heat exchanger.

That's why I like old York furnaces. No handwringing or waffling. Just take off two screws, point out the cracks and condemn the furnace.

- Jim Katen, Oregon

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Hi Chad,

I spent some time this morning looking through my references and couldn't find anything about York serial numbers, so I was glad when Jim had the answer for you.

I agree with Jim, you need to take off the flame shields (or puff shields as I've also heard them referred to) when you look at these. I usually find the cracks right at the corner of the faceplate behind the shield right in the middle of that area you photographed.



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Thanks for the help on dates ..it's probably 1982. The house was started in 1981.

It's no trouble, I'd rather go back and take off that shield than go to dinner with my wife anyway (that staement is entirely untrue). I'll admit, after the panel where two breakers fell out because they were never clipped in and the gfci going south during testing, I was apprehensive about any further disassembly.

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