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Looking for OAHI members

Stephen D. Gazo

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The association website claimed thousands of members.

The health plan will save Americans money

Mining lithium for hybrids is environmentally sound and the fuel savings justify the means

Diet pop helps you keep weight off

Brad Manor will be a bigger asset to you than any organization.

Pick the true statement

What a nice endorsment for Brad.

Thank you

Your forgot: I am with the government and here to help.

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OAHI is a good org. - it is essentially ASHI's little brother. For me it just didn't make sense. I joined hoping to have access to resources that would make me a better inspector, that didn't happen. The org. was going through some restructuring and addressing some membership issues at the time; the only benefit to being a member was to be able to say I was a member.

Your area may be different than here. If you have a solid community of active members, there will certainly be a benefit to spending time with them. Of course, I'm sure you've noticed that here at TIJ you have access to a very diverse and very deep pool of knowledge - for free.[;)]

As far as Chad's quiz goes: I'd pick "C"


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I have been on the OAHI forum, this one (TIJ) and a few others. I like this one, very much. I love info at my finger tips and this place has it in spades. I also see thier names on other places I go. TIJ is respected from what I can tell.

As a new member I have had the opertunity to read everything and everything is avail to read, they have hung the laundry out. I feel like I am walking into the unknown. If a small percent of whats written is true about the org, they need to work on uniting the membership.

Thankfully, I am retired with pension. I only work because my ADHD prevents me from sitting around doing nothing.

Hoping to have more exchanges in the future.

Merry Christmas

Steve Gazo


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