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I HATE IT when this happens!

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On my evening inspection of a lovely 3600 SF foreclosure home, I mentioned to the buyer and agent that I kept catching subtle whiffs of cat spray.

"I don't smell anything." the agent said.

The home buyer said, "I catch it every now and then too."

So, we're all subconsciously keeping an eye and nose out for the source of the cat markings. And, I kept checking myself as well because the smell kept coming up in random spots with no visual signs.

Finally, about 3/4 of the way through the inspection, I noticed two little spots about the size of a silver dollar on my sweatshirt on the underside of my out of shape belly. Dang it! I hate that! Must have laid in it in the crawl space. So much for stopping for dinner on the way home. My sweat shirt was actually beginning to crust by the end of the inspection. Disgusting! [:-yuck]

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Typically, I do the crawl and basement last as well, especially when it's a vacant home like this one where signs of ongoing leaks aren't as obvious, but I had about an hour to kill before anyone arrived and just got all I could done. I was in the crawl three times, since I had to turn the water on and off as well. Of course, we all know that an ongoing leak is a no brainer no matter when you do the crawl space between drip patterns on the earth, puddles on the vapor barrier, wet insulation, stained sub-floor and framing and streaks on drain lines, all of which I'm constantly looking for. But, no doubt, doing the crawl space and basement last is indeed prudent, what I normally do and PARAMOUNT for relatively green inspectors. (Boys and girls, don't try this at home...)

And, keep an eye out for mysterious puddles on vapor barrier not under plumbing. [:-graduat

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I wear disposable tyvek coveralls when entering a crawl. Usually get between 3-5 crawls from a single set before they are dirter than I want to wear or tear a hole in them. Not so worried about what presents animals may have left behind for me to slither through.

I purchase the ones with attached feet and hood. Only thing exposed are my hands and face. I wear gloves and a breathing mask. Basically my eyes, forehead, and wrist are exposed. A little sweaty in the warmer months but keeps the clothes clean for the next one.

I buy them by the case from an online source for about $3 a piece. Always have a few in the back of the truck.

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