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Hi Matt,

If you've been logging off every time you leave TIJ you're only making extra work for yourself, because you have to log back in with your user name and password when you return and then search all active messages since the last time you were here for the new stuff.

It's not necessary to log off every time you leave TIJ. I'm not spying on you and I don't have any spamware running that is going to inundate you with a lot of crap. As long as you don't log off when you leave, the software will automatically only display new messages for you when you return. The software is looking at you for a cookie that tells it when you were here last. If you didn't log off the last time you left, it will know who you are and only display what's been posted since that last time you entered TIJ.

Hope I explained that right. If I didn't, Mike Brown is gonna bust my chops about it. He never misses a chance to do that. %#@^ing computer geek!



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