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On a side note

Robert Jones

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Hi Robert,

I used to have a copy; but I loaned it to someone and I can't remember who. Sooo....

I do have a draft copy of the 2000 edition that Douglas sent to me for comments somewhere around 1998-1999. You're welcome to borrow it if you'd like. I'm headed to Olympia on Thursday to DOL to participate in an exam writing session with the new testing vendor. If you'd like, I can bring it along and you could swing by Olympia and pick it up at DOL.

Let me know what you'd like to do.



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FYI - I don't know about this specific book, but the best place to search for old and out of print books is the following link. This searches many used bookstores worldwide...


Then on top of that do a google.com search with the word book, then the exact title in quotes, then author's last name like...

book "Electrical Inspection of Existing Dwellings" Hanson

Here is that google.com search for you...

http://www.google.com/#hl=en&safe=off&q ... 40edcea411

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I wish Mike Hanson would republish his book on electrical inspections. Impossible to find anywhere. Anyone have one they might want to sell?

(It's Douglas Hanson.)

Word on the street is that he's working on a new edition.

In the meantime, try www.abebooks.com or ebay.

- Jim Katen, Oregon

Sorry to really muddy the waters....but....

it is actually Hansen...with an 'e'.

I noticed there is a used copy on Amazon. Same price as I bought mine for about 8 years ago. At least it hasn't depreciated....[:-thumbu]

Wayne G

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