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Nickle Copper Clad and Aluminum Wires

Ben H

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1: Had a home this morning that has what I believe is nickle/copper clad branch wire on a few circuits. The reason I think this is 1) built in 1941 2)Cloth(ish) jacket on the wire.

I was hoping someone could clarify what style jacket was used on Aluminum wiring? I was thinking it was never that braided cloth like stuff? No?

2: What do you guys do when you're uncertain about "that silver looking wire in the panel"...I have not made a call about the wire/breaker size due to the fact I'm not 100% sure of what metal I'm looking at[:-bigeyes

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It's not K&T. The house had a 3 wire service, 100-amp panel. All but three breakers had copper wire.

I'm leaning heavly toward clad... if you look closely you can see a nick in the bottom wire that shows a tiny bit of copper shinning through. But the other two do not.

Do the same rules apply to clad, 14g to 15amp / 12g 20amp ? If so looks to me I've got 14g wire on 20 amp breakers.

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48.68 KB.

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