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HI Artography 108 - The Green Planet

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I think I see a root.

Anyway, I tell people these clean-out stations in the yards of older homes (40+ years) is a red flag and were put here because they have had sewer problems, and that they should get the line scoped to see if there are still problems.

I have very few canned disclaimers but getting the underground sewer scoped on most of the home I look at is one of them.

That was creepy, Gary.

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True enough. No one installs a cleanout on an older home unless they have to.

Had one the other day........shit in the catch basin. At least we have a few "windows" into the condition of the sewer, the catch basin being the primary one, unlike elsewhere.

As far as the green........was that taken on St. Patricks Day, the day that Chicago invites the world to come pee and puke on our front lawns?

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