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Reflective Weather Barrier


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This is on a bank owned shell about 4 years old, exterior mostly installed, electric installed, but otherwise it's just studs inside. Exterior has a

reflective material used as a weather barrier under vinyl siding. Same

material was used on the bottom of the roof sheathing. Looks like a

woven material with a foil coating? I found no markings on either side.

Any idea what this is? Is it listed for use as a weather resistant

barrier? If so, is it supposed to be sealed with UL-181 tape instead of

lapped shingle-fashion?

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Often used on roof decking with the reflective side faced down to mitigate the radiant mode of heat transfer. I haven't seen it used on sheathing in these parts. I wonder if it has an acceptable perm rating for that application.


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There are all kinds of radiant barriers out there, but I've yet to see one that can be applied to both interior and exterior surfaces. Given the woven appearance in the second pic I'd guess you have an interior product, unless of course it doesn't rain there. Sorry, no idea what product that is.


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I think I'd have to report that with a short ditty on "Building Science 101".

Given the "arrangement", I'd tell whoever was soaking up that mess to strip everything back to structure. It'd be easier than trying to go forward from the current state.

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