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Are the fuses the main throw?

Robert Jones

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The service looks like 100 amps. The fuse box is 30 amps tops.

My guess is that the extension cord that runs behind the wall goes to the fuse box.

Right, the fuse panel is a sub, supplying two circuits possibly. If they were supplying one 240 volt circuit, they would/should normally be screwed into a double fuse block that has a handle on it, so that they both disconnect together. I think red fuses are 20 amp.

The breaker panel looks to be backfed by the big breaker on the upper left. That is most likely the main breaker, and the service disconnect. Unless there's another panel hiding somewhere. [:)]

The whole works looks antique and should be replaced.

The extension cord is just somebody's stupid add-on that goes off somewhere outside. The outlet is already protected by a breaker. I don't think the cord would feed the fuse box, but if it does, all the more incentive to scrap the whole works.

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Home built in 1959. The main panel are breakers, but then there are these 2 fuses in a separate panel above. Not labeled of course. Would the fuses be the main shut off or running something else?

The largest Edison base fuse is only 30-amps, so they're not the main. This configuration was common as a feeder to water heaters.

If someone wants to know what the fuses control, that person can unscrew the fuses and then see what stops working.

- Jim in Oregon

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