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Moment of hilarity

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So, I walk up into this attic with my client and the listing agent, who was as thoroughly impressed with himself as anyone I've ever met, and I am hit immediately with the smell of sewage.

I look around a little and notice what appears to be a cast iron waste plumbing vent that was broken off beneath the roofline and just above a full bathroom.

So, I turn around and say to my client: "Do you smell anything?"

He says; "No."

The broker doesn't miss a beat and instantly chimes in with: "I do, and I think I know what caused it. The cat got up here this AM and probably did his business, but the owners will clean it up when they move their stuff out, so don't worry about it."

Summoning every ounce of diplomacy in my body, I very politely say: "Hmmmm...Well, I think it's more likely connected to that broken waste plumbing vent which is continuously venting sewer gases into the attic." Then I trained my flashlight on the obvious source of the smell.

The broker thinks for a second and replies: "Well, maybe it's that AND my cat theory."

And my client turns to this pompous broker and says immediately and loud enough for everyone to hear: "What a gift it must be, not to be cursed with even a hint of self-awareness!"

I've got to tell you, it was about the funniest scene I've ever witnessed in my life. The timing was flawless, -like something right out of the movies. The broker showed no sign of getting the joke, which only underscored his point, and made it that much funnier.

It was sublime,


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I think I'm going to leave it as the perfect piece of zen art that it was: a beautiful moment in time, passed into eternity. It was so funny, I had to pass it along, though. This guy was so deeply encased in his ego, I don't even think it's possible to embarrass or change him, even if I was interested in trying.

I was shocked that he could say something so profoundly stupid, and then more shocked by what my client said, and then even more shocked by the fact that the broker didn't react at all. I think I smiled when it happened, but I don't remember laughing.

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