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gas range - fill the house with gas


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This is a Kenmore from 2002 and the knobs for the burners go from off to low, med, high then ignite. Knobs are on front above oven door. So, kid turns knob to low, med or high and not all the way to ignite and gas enters home. I would have figured that by 2002 they would be safer than this. I am writing it up as a safety issue but thought I'd see if anyone knows this range.

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I wouldn't call it. The only thing I'm interested in with an appliance is whether it's plumbed or wired correctly and whether the thing works. By works, I mean it gets too hot for me to touch, or it spins, or it washes, and whether it leaks.

I don't care if a disposal can't grind jello or if a dishwasher can't wash spit off a plate or whether the stove can hold 350°for an hour or not; I'm not there for the accessories - I'm there to look at the house and that things that make the house work.

I'm sure as hell not going to write up something on an 8-year UL listed appliance where the client doesn't need me to tell him that the stove has a dumb knob arrangement. The client can figure that stuff out on his/her own.



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Yeah, I've often thought of that myself. We have a stove that doesn't ignite unless you crank it all the way up here in our house. I've never seen a safety like the ones in the picture. That's pretty genius if I must say so myself.

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