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Mortar cracks?

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Home had some cracks that span the whole house, on both sides. I'm not really sure what to make of it. They stair step down to the lintel then span the whole house. Both sides are the same. Whats going on here?

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Thanks guys, I've got a TON of pics of this if anyone needs some. I was afraid it was lintel failure, but wasn't confident enough without some other eyes peeking at it.

It's really hard to tell where the waters getting in. Two layers of single, w/ original planks. Not a single weep that I could find. Old facia boards that are wrapped now, couldn't really "get in" to see the condition. I would not be surprized to find rotten wood under that metal.

Would you call for a complete lintel replacement?

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Especially, never recommend caulking the front edge of the lintel under the first course of brick, which will definitely trap moisture in and dramatically accelerate the whole deterioration process. If that junction is caulked and painted now, recommend the sealant be removed.

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