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Squirrels eating plastic flashing.


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How do we know that it's squirrels? Anyone catch them in the act?


Coulda been the Norwegian roof beaver. [:)]

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To hot down here for the Norwegian roof beaver. [:-dev3]

Marc, I have seen them chew lead flashing but I did not see them chewing on the plastic. But its the same type of damage.

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I forget which BB the story came from, but my most memorable story of squirrels goes something like this.........

The leather sofa and lazy boy were chewed up. There was general destruction and mayhem in a house that was unoccupied for a long period of time. The investigation concluded that it was squirrels. How did they get in? They looked and looked and found no definitive clues. Eventually, they concluded that it had to be the chimney. In what sounds like desperation, they laid the blame at the feet of the home inspector. The reasoning? If the inspector would have recommended a proper spark arrestor assembly, the little buggers would have never made it in.

After reading this thread, it sounds like they are capable of chewing their way in at a number of possible locations.

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