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1 year warranty

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When you do a 1 year warranty inspection for a current owner, do you handle it differently than an inspection for a buyer in a purchase?

I know the difference in the two but I'm asking about the inspection part. Do you do anything different in that respect?

I provide the same basic info, but in addition, spend more time checking and sometimes measuring imperfections like bumps and dips in the floors, concrete cracks, the fit of the doors and windows, the seams of the countertops, etc. The Canadian National Warranty Program has guidelines for that stuff. I might bring my 4 foot level in for a straight edge.

Like with a new house, expect the unexpected, like plumbing joints that where never glued, vent flashing in the roof but no vent stack, roof vents installed but no holes cut in the sheathing, siding missing and painted over, no gutter on one side of a dormer, etc.

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Exactly the same.

I used to ask if they wanted the dishwasher run but then had to disclaim not inspecting it in the report. Now I run them. I have found numerous home owners who have a dishwasher but do not use it. Some only use it as a drying rack for dishes washed in the sink.

Use the same report format and report everything same, same.

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I include more cosmetic type items and I also ask the owner to make a list of items or things that are bothering them or that they have found while spending almost a year in the home. They are going to find or see more things in 10+ months than I will in my 2-3 hours.

This. Same inspection, more report detail on cosmetics.


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