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  1. Also if you have access to the underside of the floor install a lot of bracing pieces to help stabilize the movement
  2. Ha ha I thought our family was the only ones who referred to those as roly polyies. I liked this bug thread I learn a lot here
  3. Hi everyone been hitting some of the major forums asking what kind of insurance does everyone uses. Errors and omissions only, general liability only, or both. Should be some good responses thanks as I am switch providers soon.
  4. This is why I love this forum. First let me say I'm sorry about the situation and the effort it takes to fix it, but as an inspector I am so glad learn of this so I can be aware of it.
  5. Wow it amazes me sometimes when clients say things like "well we just never noticed cause we have lived here so long". What the length of time have to do with a huge settling issue with your foundation ha lol.
  6. I totally agree with inspector57 I would never engineer a plan or even discuss or suggest a repairing company that would be the job of the qualified, licensed contractor or engineer sent out to do the further evaluation. The inspector is putting himself at risk there
  7. A few people said don't worry about the cracking. And I agree with the first and second picture where one is straight vertical and ones straight horizontal. But the third picture with the lightning bolt looking crack at a slant is definitely one of concern. Finding out the cause of that crack will surely lead to the floor slanting that badly those two if on the same side of the house are related IMHO.
  8. Water is always going to find a way in it has to be diverted. Nothing for us to fret about though recommend further eval. By licensed plumber and foundation contractor cover all bases.
  9. The first thing I noticed was the joists are notched at the bottom which seriously takes away from there strength and secondly a board laying flat on its side like that is a ton weaker that up and down on hangers. In northeast Ohio I would be documenting that one and suggestion further evaluation by a structural engineers just to be safe for myself and my customer.
  10. Wow Jim I love a lot of your posts I never would have thought of that but it makes sense. If it does that to pipes just think what it does to us!!!
  11. .75 cents a BF sounds like a ton to me what if you took him your own logs was it stilll that much
  12. That was my understanding as well just a dedicated receptacle or line however you want to refer to it.
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