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Terence McCann

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Inspected an older home - 56 years old.

OH service; in the garage there is a main 100 amp FP breaker with a sub-panel off of it feeding the AC and electric dryer (lot's wrong...). I searched that home high & low and could not find any other panel. I really spent an inordinate amount of time looking for it too. BTW, K&T throughout the home.

Anyone ever run into this condition before?

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. . . Anyone ever run into this condition before?

Yes. And it was a mid 50s home. The single main breaker in the garage actually fed three smaller main breakers, each of which fed it's own little bitty Square D sub panel. The sub panels were hidden behind cleverly constructed hatches in the gumwood panel walls. Even if you knew they were there, you couldn't see these hatches very easily -- and the owner had further concealed some of them by hanging pictures right in front of them.

I was lucky. The seller left a note explaining where each one was. Otherwise, I probably woudn't have found them. There was one in each hallway and one in a utility room.

- Jim Katen, Oregon

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Are you sure about the age of the home? Doesn't at all seem right for knob and tube. I suspect the panel was in a bedroom closet hidden by clothes hanging there. That's how homes that age were commonly done around here.

Hi Kevin - we have a ton of homes with K&T in this age range in this neck of the woods. Runs from early 20's to, about, '68.

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Look close in the closets. I have found them on the wall the door is hung on and of course the covers are painted the say as the walls.

I have got up in the attic and found where the wires where going down to the panel and the panel was covered with wall paper.

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