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POLL: A Single Consistent Inspection Standard?

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My objection to a "single standard" centers on the fact that, once you remove the variables associated with regionality, what is left to standardize would probably be of little or no benefit to the profession. I suppose this discussion is as old as the Federalist Papers, when Hamilton, Madison and Jay were arguing for a strong federal set of laws in opposition to the various state laws, back in the 1780's. How can inspections, and the people who perform them, all comply with a single standard when municipalities and states cannot decide on which set of codes to enforce (if any)? I support state licensing as a means for an area to establish those standards that are more relevant to it. What do you guys think? Am I full of baloney (spell check says "bologna") on this one?

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Everyone should review E2018 before wondering how to standardize inspection standards; it is brilliant. Doofus home inspectors and their reluctance/resistance to standardization is one of the reasons our profession wallows in mediocrity. I understand the problems associated w/ different code systems in different locales, but codes aren't complicated & well written standards provide for this sort of perceived problem.

As a group, we are worse than the contractors we constantly malign; we just can't imagine something bigger than ourselves & what we think is right. Even if the standard is not up to what someone thinks is adequate, we can always exceed standards, just like most of us in this little forum exceed the ASHI standards.

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I can't post it without violating copyrights, but it is quite simple, yet elegant. Basically, check out the primary systems & components in an organized manner.

There is as much regarding the report as w/what should be inspected, things the inspector should describe, etc. Very common sense sort of stuff; nothing that anyone would, or could, disagree with.

If a residential standard was done similar to this, I'd be quite happy w/it.

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Originally posted by hausdok


You can also get it in some bookstores. Last year during a NAHI conference in Portland, OR, Douglas Hansen, Brian Hannigan and I checked out some of the bookstores in downtown Portland. I saw that standard for sale in one. I don't remember which one, but Jim Katen might know.



There are two places out here:



But, if you're going to buy it, just get it from the ASTM site. You can pay by credit card and download the PDF file in minutes.

- Jim Katen, Oregon

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You can download a copy of the ASTM standard E2018 at the ASTM website www.astm.org, but it will cost you $44. The form can be downloaded in PDF format and includes a license agreement to allow you to print the document for inclussion in inspection reports. The primary purpose of the Standard is to define a level of due diligence for lending institutions. Standard and Poors also has a published guide. The Standard and Poors guide requires the inspection to be performed by a licensed engineer. You can down load a copy of the Standard and Poors guide at their website.

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Has anyone ever heard of "The Constitution of the United States"? The mission statement in the beginning about being a human being with liberty. Well, it also holds true that based on the prelude, sit several Amendments and Rights.

So, how about this... our prestigous industry, Home Inspections, have a US/I Standard of Practice and Code of Ethic. From there, we can look at the regions and amend!

By the way, New York is a very different place than Spokane...

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Standards within an industry are not necessarily a bad thing. Will there be Government intervention as to what those standards might eventually be? hard to say, trying to fathom the logistical nightmare of implementation and who or which organization will step forward and take ultimate responsibility for it is probably the biggest hurtle. Reading prior post and talk of the Constitution and what little I know of it I know this much, each individual state is self governing and applies its own laws and regulations as long as they are within the limits of the Constitution and U.S. Code. As a Real Estate Appraiser and Home Inspector ( yes I can separate the two) I 've found that between the Federal regulations and those of the State of New York regarding Real Rroperty they keep us honest. True there are those that skirt the edge but not for long or with out consequence. Am I for National Standard? couldn't hurt. Will there be one? probably not in my life time.

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Do we want uniformity, absolutely. However one writer brings up a valid point: Different municipalities, townships, and counties all have their little codes and regulations set forth by their own legislative bodies. I would love to just use the ICC IRC whenever I'm in Cook, Mchenery, Lake or Kane counties.

However, If I,m in Lincoln Park,Cook County, I have to be sure the automatic door closer, (Garage door into the house) is mounted and closing the door fully. If I'm in Sleepy Hollow,

Kane County, (Yes hausdak, I remember the one in NY) on all new home construction the township requires sprinkler systems installed on all floors since 2002.

I don't think the ICC or the ASTM had deluge style fire suppression systems in mind for the common home.

On another note, my kids somtime throw balls and frisbie's in the house. I would hate to have the sprinkler sensors triggered inadvertantly........

So whats the answer, Sounds good to me but how do we get everyone on the same page, therin lies the problem. [^]

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If any of you guys really think the Feds can create an organized system that reflects the special needs of all the different areas nationwide, your nuts. I would prefer to have state licensing and consumer awareness marketing done as it is by ASHI and NAHI etc and let the consumer decide. Nothing is perfect but to let the Government get it's mits on something this complex is just asking for trouble.

I know some of us don't want to admit it but even members of a great organization like ASHI screw inspections and not because they don't know the work, or have an Iron SOP, but because they have no personal ethics, and that is covered by consumer law. So it's not a matter of more law' it's a matter of enforcing the laws already on the books.

If I'm a kook somebody straighten me out.

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