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Hooks Van Holm, INC

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I got an email the other day from a company called Hooks Van Holm, INC.

This company located in 4 different states(Alabama, Mississippi, Delaware, and Pennsylvania) asked me if I could do inspection in North Dakota/Minnesota.

They wanted me to inspect homes ready for sale, making sure they are hazard free and clean. The expected time frame for each inspection is 15 minutes, and general liability insurance, digital camera, computer and internet access, skills in uploading and emailing documentation is required.

Here comes the best part; the flat fee they are offering is $20.00 each inspection included travel time, gas mileage, paperwork and so on.

I'm just wondering if anyone else have heard about this [:-monkeyd show??

$20? That's just rude!

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If I knew someone was calling to ask me to do a job for $20 I wouldn't even answer the phone.

Based on the number of posts on some forums I've seen from inspectors that have been trying to get paid for doing work like this; if I were to ever agree to work for one of these companies I'd demand that they pay via Pay Pal and I'd want to see payment for each inspection paid to Pay Pal before I ever uploaded the report or pictures to the web and transmitted them.

Tell him you'll do them for $50 each but ONLY if they sign a contract guarantying you five a day, five days of the week for 50 weeks of the year, all within 25 miles of your base and no more than 10 miles apart from one another. Any day that they don't have the minimum number for you to inspect, they have to pay you anyway.

What? It's still better money than McDonald's. Too bad they won't go for it.



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I told them that with all respect, this is the lowest fee I have ever seen for any kind of inspection, and they would have to at least double their fee to to make any professional inspector interested. Still nobody would probably go for it.

I have also been asked to do give a quote for different counties to Indoor Environment Group. They seem allot more serious. Please let me know if anyone has any experience with them.

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I gave them my quote about a week ago and haven't heard anything since. It would be interesting to hear what kind of flat fee others would have charged for the county the are living in.

The inspection goes like this:

1. Visually verify that materials(usually mold) scheduled for removal have been removed.

2. Visually verify that surfaces that are scheduled for disinfection have been cleaned

3. Photograph each work area

4. Moisture testing in each work area

5. Collection of surface swabs from representative surfaces – we would provide the swabs and perform analysis.

Each inspection usually takes between 30 and 60 minutes.

The rate on my quote was like this: $0.40 for mileage, $30/hour for travel time, $30 for paperwork, $5 for shipping samples and $100 each inspection.

Would you guys go higher or lower?

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I know this is an old thread, but I used to work for HVH - they now go by National Management Services - and they were a NIGHTMARE to work for. Part of my job was calling up inspectors, real estate workers, even photographers and trying to recruit them to do the walk-through inspection for $20. Obviously a lot of people accused us of being scammers and a lot of people yelled at me and hung up on me.

The reason we could only offer $20 was because the company underbid for the projects to the point where there was literally not enough money to actually pay people to complete it. By the time I left the company, half the staff had been fired, others had quit, and there were only about six people left in the office. They had actually started selling their filing cabinets and weren't able to rent a coffee machine because they had NO money.

This company was a NIGHTMARE. They almost never paid their inspectors on time! There was too much to do and not nearly enough people to do it, both on the field and in the office.

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