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WA inspector accident

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Got this (unverified) from a WA inspector.... I did not know the gentleman

point is be safe out there


I needed to pass on some sad news. Terry Olson, an inspector from Grapeview, fell off the roof of a house he was inspecting last Tuesday. He was airlifted to St Joseph hospital in Tacoma where he died the next day. Whether you knew Terry or not, this is a clear reminder to all of us to be extra careful.

Please, stay safe out there!!!

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I was just copied on an email from Ron Perkerewicz. Apparently, the inspector did not fall off the roof. Here's the text:

To All, talked today with the listing agent on the house Terry was inspecting, she indicated that Terry did not fall off the roof but fell after a stroke or heart attack as his ladders were all put away, apparently the local newspaper started the roof fall comments, regardless it is still sad news. We still need to be careful out there...power panels, roofs, attics.... Thanks, Ron Perkerewicz & Adam Perkerewiczinspection & permit servicesLicensed Home Inspectors360.731.8398

I talked to Rhonda Myers at DOL today. She told me that she remembered Terry and that he was, in her opinion, pretty frail. She's already had three calls from inspectors demanding that the traverse the roof portion be deleted from the Washington State SOP.



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