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A small infestation.

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The property I inspected this afternoon had a detached garage/shop. There was frass all over the place along the interior walls(finished), and when I went into the attic, there were bodies everywhere. Quite obvious they had been nesting here for quite sometime. Appears to have been recently treated, reason for all the dead ants. I even saw what I think to be toredo worm damage to one of the rafters.

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WDI pictures are of extra interest to me lately. I just did a two day WDI credentialing by MSPCA. I learned alot.

I've not heard of torpedo worms. Could that damage have been done before the wood was milled?

*Teredo" worms. And, unless that rafter was made from wood that was salvaged from the ocean, I think Rob's diagnosis is incorrect. Those look like holes from either Cerambycid or Buprestid beetles. Both are common in our area. The damage was unquestionably done before the board was milled and, given the age of the house, there's no chance that the larvae are still in there.

- Jim Katen, Oregon

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Agree, as soon as I saw the photo and before I read the post I thought "old golden buprestid damage."

Of course, you shouldn't pay any attention to me; since, according to WSDA, the fact I no longer hold an SPI license has erased all knowledge of insects from my brain and I'm no longer qualified to speak to the issue of bugs [;)].



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