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Info on shingle

Robert Jones

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Actually, I used to see that shingle quite often here, and posted it in 2006. It lasts better than any other shingle I've ever seen - usually a legitimate thirty to forty years - maybe more. Back when I made the original inquiry, Les came through with the most insightful info about it. I believe he identified it as more a farm product? But, it's some die hard stuff.

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Here's that previous thread on these shingles: https://inspectorsjournal.com/forum/top ... IC_ID=2974


I need an education here. Where did you grab the URL link for that topic so you could paste in your posting?

I've been searching, but can't seem to find it.

I went to the home page for TIJ and searched "interlocking shingles", but the list of threads that came up was too large, so I went to my own profile and searched "all non-archived posts" and dropped down a bunch of posts until I found it. It did not show in the address bar as anything that I could copy and paste, so I went back to the home page and typed the exact thread name in. Then it came up with a address I could cut and paste.

In short, it's wasn't easy, but doable. Where there's a will, there's a way.

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Would make sense since IKO is manufactured in this state. It appears that the majority of the manufacturers have stopped making this style of shingle.

IKO and possibly others also made a lousy T-lok shingle which have mostly been torn off by now. They were a thinner grade asphalt shingle. I think we stopped seeing them in stores here in about 1999 or so. The shingles in this pic are 12 years old. First they lose granules, especially on the hotter side of the roof. Then the exposed tar paper will shrink, pulling the tabs up. Then the wind rips the shingle off.

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This website is better now, but loading pics is still hit or miss. I got only one chance this time. @#$% [:(]

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