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Moisture problem

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If you're getting that much condensation on the drywall in the first place, the sealer paint is unimportant.

Somehow, lots of warm, moist air is entering the garage (or being created in the garage). If you figure out how to stop the warm, moist air the problem will go away.

Find the camel, not the gnats.

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Thanks, Jim!

I agree, but do you agree that it is a bad idea to have a vapor barrier on both sides of the sheet rock?

Yes, the gnats are bad. But the camel is way worse.

If I were in your position, I'd quit fussing about the vapor barrier and the paint and start figuring out where the water and warmth was coming from.

- Jim Katen, Oregon

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Also remember, as a home inspector it's not your job to be specific about what needs to be done. If you can do it confidently and correctly then fine.

If not, describe the problem ( in your case its moisture in the garage). Say why its a problem ( the moisture is causing damage to the buildings materials). Then recommend a qualified contractor further investigate to determine the source of moisture so that repairs or changes can be made to solve the problem.

The information you provide does not have to be conclusive. However, if its false information, that can come back and bite you.

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