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The 6th Guangzhou International Water Heater Exhib

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The 6th Guangzhou International Water Heater Exhibition 2011

Date: Aug. 11-13 2011

Venue: China Import & Export Fair Pazhou Complex

Guangzhou Grandeur (Hongwei) Exhibition Services Co., Ltd. will organize the 6th Guangzhou International Water Heater Exhibition 2011,which will be held in the largest exhibition hall of Asia-China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex during August 11-13,2011.

Last year, the 5th Guangzhou International Water Heater Exhibition 2010 (GWHE 2010) was sponsored by Guangdong Household Electrical Appliances Trade Association and Heat Pump Center of China Association of Rural Energy Industry, the most authoritative energy industry association in China.82 famous enterprises including MEDIA, MTS, Tongda, Bayoil, SME, Typc, Doule, TuthillGroup, Tianmin, EuroVapor, Jialikeji, Cosco and Accu from home and abroad took part in the exhibition with their finished products, accessories, and related sets of products.Meanwhile, Water Heater Guangzhou 2010 took up 6,500 sq.m exhibition area and attracted 7,120 professional visitors.

Exhibition Scope:

  • Heat pump product and equipment: Household air source water heater, commercial air source water heater, air-source heat pump water heater, water source heat pump, ground source heat pump, electromagnetic heat pumps, combined heat pump, air conditioning heat pump water heater, solar heat pump water heater, gas heat pump water heater etc.

Solar water heating equipment: Various types of flat panel solar collector, heat pipe tubular collector, split pressurized solar water heater etc

Electric water heater: instantaneous electric water heaters, storage-type electric water heaters etc.

Gas water heater: vertical type water heater, flue water heater, balanced water heater, forced exhaust water heater, forced to exhaust water heater, outdoor-type water heaters etc.

Related accessories and equipment: tank, faucet, cooling tower, hot water control pump, controller, regulator, evaporator, condenser, compressor, decontamination devices, humidifiers, purification equipment, water circulating pump, expansion valve, filter devices, storage tanks, air processor, temperature control valve, heat exchanger, electric heaters, heating cables and wires, heating network design, foaming equipment, control and regulation equipment, welding equipment, heat insulating material.

Water management system, hot water solution, energy-saving hot water project.We sincerely invite you to celebrate the exhibition and find business partners. So do you plan to participate in the fair? If you come as an exhibitor, I will send you the latest floor plan for your reference. If you come as a visitor, please feel free to contact me and then I can send you the VIP VISITOR APPLICATION FORM for free.

Guangzhou Grandeur (Hongwei) Exhibition Services Co., Ltd.

Contact person: Trista Lee Tel: +86 20 28967733

Mobile: + 86 137 2401 1851 Fax: +86 20 82579220

Email: info@grandeurhk.com Web: http://www.whstgz.com

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