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Lennox Recalls Shadowdance Ceramic Log Sets


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WASHINGTON, D.C. - Today, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, in cooperation with Lennox Hearth Products LLC, of Nashville, Tennessee, announced a voluntary recall of obout 3200 Lennox Shadowdance natural gas log set burner Assemblies.

According to Lennox, a crack can develop at the gas valve connection allowing natural gas to leak while the burner is in use and this poses a risk to consumers. The company says that it has already received 20 reports of cracked gas valve connections but thus far no injuries have been reported.

The Shadowdance log set burner assemblies is used in a wood-burning fireplace or a ventless firebox enclosure. The model numbers involved in the recall are LSVFSD-18, LSVFSD-24 and LSVFSD-30, and include a burner and ceramic-fiber log set. According to Lennox, replacement gas burners also were sold separately under model number LSVFSD-NG. The burners that are included in the recall have serial numbers that begin with 6407, 6408, 6409 and 6410A through 6410G. The model and serial numbers are printed on a metal identification plate attached to the burner.

These devices were manufactured in the United States and sold by fireplace and HVAC retailers and installers nationwide from August 2007 through December 2010 for between $700 and $850. Lennox wants consumers to stop using these devices immediately and contact Lennox to arrange for a free replacement of the burner.

The number to contact for additional information at Lennox is (800) 299-0027 between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. CT Monday through Friday or visit the firm's website at http://www.lennoxhearthproducts.com.


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Noticed that this am. Ventless fireplaces are common in new construction here. I've been telling clients for the last couple years that CO detectors don't annunciate early enough because the technology to respond only to low concentrations of CO is too expensive for the residential market. CO has no odor or color and physicians often misdiagnose the symptoms of CO poisoning for the flu. Since the burner is man made, it'll break sooner or later and when it does, there's little, if any warning. I've been recommending that the appliances be either permanently disabled, removed or replaced with a vented equivalent.

With this CPSC notice, I've got something to show them.


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