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Basement toilet question


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I have a home that was built in the late 60's and we had a major sewer backup that had backed up through our original basement toilet. When the contractor came in to clean up the mess they had to remove the toilet. I am finally to the point that I need to re-install the toilet but I have ran into a roadblock.

Their is a 4 inch cast-iron pipe sticking slightly up out of the concrete floor with a steel ring four threaded holes between 1/4 and 1/2 inch outside the perimeter of the pipe (none of them would align with the toilet to attach it to the floor). I scraped the joint between the perimeter of the pipe and the ring that has the four holes in it. It appears that this may have been installed with okum and lead. Again when the cleanup contractor came in and took out the toilet they pretty much threw everything away so I have no idea what attached to this ring for the toilet bolts to attach to. I have asked a few plumbers and they didnt know of any other way to fix this other than to tear out the floor and install a new connection to the waste pipe. I tried a few of the flanges from the stores and nothing matches up, I also thought about placing one of those drop in flanges, but when I do that I dont know how I would attach it to the floor due to the steel ring with the okum and lead. Any help would be greatly appreciated


Scott G.

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