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This got me thinking.

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There's absolutley no way in hell anyone could convince me this was done intentionally, because the homeowner was nothing less than a decent human being.

She was there for the entire inspection, and spent half of her time pointing out what she knew was wrong with the house.

I'm also pretty confident in my judgement of the type of folks I'm dealing with.

However, every tub and sink in the place was covered in cleanser at the time of the inspection.

Then suddenly and without warning.

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You mean, suddenly the tub cracked?

No, that looks like an old crack in the sink. There's a small chip missing.

Sellers like to hide the imperfections. Even nice old ladies want their house to look good. It often makes no difference to the deal, but they insist on putting bowls of fruit on top of burn marks, etc.

Sometimes the realtors get into the act. This one guy I thought was an upfront type, and he'd referred a few jobs my way. This one deal, he was double ending, listing and selling. I saw a dishrag, folded and laying on the countertop, on top of a burn mark. I pushed it aside and moved on, I come back in, the rag is back on top of the burn. I push it aside again, and ding dong, here's my clients. We start walking and talking, go through the kitchen to see the utilities, the realtor parks himself in front of the burn mark, then while we're discussing the laundry room, I look and see the dishrag, back on the spot. Funny.

So we're back in the kitchen, and I push the rag aside and say to the clients, nice Peurto Rican couple, "Oh BTW, there's a burn mark here." She says, "Yes I know, I saw that when we came through last week." [:)]

Haven't had a referral from Ole' Dishrag since. Funny.

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