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Watch Out For Soda Bottles on Lawns

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There are some pretty bad things that we might have done without if not for the internet. One of them, that I can imagine some unsuspecting and well-meaning home inspector could fall victim to is a bottle bomb. Watch this video and keep your eyes open and be careful what you move when you're poking around vacant homes and properties.




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We have found 4-5 of them over the past couple years. One house was nearly destroyed when they used them in the bedroom closets and the explosion contaminated everything!

I made couple at the office to learn about them. With a little effort you can do lots of damage.

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So I guess that don't explode until someone moves / shakes them a bit? Seems like they would explode soon after being thrown into the lawn.

Most do, but sometimes they don't. Depends on how it's made and sometimes on the luck of the draw.

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