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ethics or advertising

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She was probably just a name that popped up somewhere; I don't think she's ASHI's mouthpiece any more than you or I.

This is becoming old news; I've read 3 articles in the past week condemning (or casting aspersions upon) these concierge programs.

Honestly, I don't think it's necessarily a rip off, but personally, I'd rather eat dirt than pay a stinkin' realtor fee.

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In our area,

There is a company that has a list. The fee was $250.00. We were on the list until one of my guys went "too hard" on a house. All of a sudden we were unethical and no longer qualified to participate. When I asked what we did that was unethical so I could try to fix it, I got 3 different excuses as to why they couldn't tell me, "Our computer system is down", "we lost records and I'll have to find my notes" etc.

There are some agents that you just don't want to work with.


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"Melichar said the only reason CBS puts out a preferred vendor list is to help the buyer."

Riggghht...so exactly how does the $2500 help the buyer? Some of the realtors here hand out a short list, but no one pays to be on it as far as I know.

The only reason to consider this idea as anything short of unethical is that there is more than one name of the list (as I understood it). So one is essentially buying access and a place on a short list, rather than a direct guarantee of a referral. It may be in the grey area, but it hovers at the line on the black side (IMHO).

If and when it becomes a situation like Bruce describes, it's clearly well into the black, being used to limit competition and eliminate those who aren't "team players".

Brian G.

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Bill, I was being regionally sarcastic. My apology. Those preferred programs have been around Michigan for 10-12yrs. We have never participated, as here they are a violation of Consumer Protection Act. I don't want to sound arrogant, but we eat regularily and pay the bills.

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Originally posted by inspecthistoric

Miki is the chair of ASHI's Complaints Committee on Ethical and Professional Practice.

Oooops. I guess she is ASHI's mouthpiece on this sort of stuff.

I had dinner w/her, JD Grewell, Mike Sterling, & Bill Coull a couple months ago when they were in town committee-izing. I didn't put 2&2 together when I saw her name. She's pretty sharp & intelligent. I'm glad to have her talking for ASHI; beats hell out of a lot of the other stiff's.

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