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A first for me!

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This morning's inspection was a duplex with both sides being occupied. The listing agent had to be there to let my client, the buyers agent and myself in to the home's(not sure why as the tenants were home). Anyway, I arrive and as I always do set up my ladder and went on the roof. The old codger(listing agent) started yelling that I was not allowed to walk the roof because it would cause leaks. I climbed down the ladder and explained to him that I was required to traverse the roof, he just kept saying no you don't. My favorite line from him was that "his" inspectors never walk the roof, they put the ladder against the gutter and use binoculars. By then I was a bit heated and told him "his" inspectors weren't doing their job correctly.

Long story short, my client arrived, I explained the situation, he went to the listing agent and then came back and said climb the roof. I was almost speechless and kinda wish I would have remained speechless with the listing agent, but.....

Never a dull moment. BTW, the roof was shot and needed replacement!

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Hah, good for you! I had a similar situation once, and the guy was so annoying, I ultimately told him if he didn't get out of my face, I was gonna whip his f**king ass.

I don't know whether I meant it or not, but that pilgrim apparently believed I did 'cause he shrunk away without another peep.

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