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Convertible IC / Non-IC Luminaire

Mike Lamb

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Now that I read the label for this luminaire, it says that the lamp type and trim determine if it is IC or non-IC. So the buyer will need to check the fixture's specs inside the housing (I didn't) to see what conforms to make this IC.

What would the trim have to do with it? What is an example of a non-IC trim? These lights had a simple ring with no lens.

This is from the UL luminaires guide:


Convertible recessed incandescent luminaires can be installed in either insulated (Type IC) or non-insulated (noninsulated Type IC) applications. The Same luminaire housing (rough-in section) is used for both Type IC and Non-Type IC applications. The trim (finishing section) and light source determine the Type IC or Non-IC application of the luminaire. Convertible luminaires have been evaluated with respect to risk of fire by performance testing under conditions of misapplication of lamps or trims. Installation instructions are provided that tell the installer to remove the marking relating to spacing to thermal installation when the luminaire is installed as intended as a Type IC luminaire in an insulated ceiling application. (See note 34).

62. CONVERTIBLE (TYPE NON-IC/IC) TRIM IDENTIFICATION ? The trim (finishing section) for a convertible recessed incandescent luminaire is provided with correlation markings which identify the trim/ luminaire (finishing/rough-in section) combinations that are suitable for either Type IC or Non-Type IC installation.

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. . . What would the trim have to do with it? What is an example of a non-IC trim? These lights had a simple ring with no lens.. . .

Why wouldn't lamp and trim type have an effect on the IC rating? Seems obvious to me. The can is just a can. The trim and lamp have a huge effect on where the heat goes.

I can't wait till LEDs dominate the market. . .

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