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Supply lines


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Funny I cant say I have ever seen 3/4'' line on a hot water supply line. red and blue are pex as well? not sure on that one.

Yup, PEX comes in many sizes and colors. Red for hot, blue for cold or white/opaque for generic. They even make yellow PEX (for gas).

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I've used a lot of Pex over the last several years, red, blue, deep blue, rust and white.

My plumber buddy told me to only use 3/4 as a main (for copper or Pex) until it branches to an individual fixture. And I learned myself NEVER to use 1/2" as a tub spout supply [:-dunce] It doesn't provide enough flow to keep the shower head from operating FULL TIME! Some manufacturers have changed that but I still go ahead and sweat the spout supply.

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