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Carrier A/C capacity

Bill Kibbel

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I think the numbers indicate a 2 ton compressor unit and a 3 1/2 ton evap core.

The 42 at the end in the evap # indicates 3 1/2 ton.

That would make the evap significantly larger than the comp, not smaller. Of course I could be wrong. Furthermore, I don't know the effect of an over sized evap so I'm interested in hearing for experts as well.

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You got a 4 ton out and 3.5 in


Is that an absolute rule? I had heard of a rating standard that might allow such an arrangement in certain circumstances. Something about an AHRI listing.

Mismatch meaning not the same size (smaller evap) as op stated. AhRi does 3rd party testing and certification of certain matchups and some "mismatch are certified". And yes it is acceptable not ideal in some circumstances but almost always an adjustment to the refrigerant charge would be required.

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Thanks for the replies.

My favorite HVAC expert emailed me this afternoon confirming it to be a 4 ton condensing unit and a 3.5 ton evaporator coil.

The tonnage isn't listed but the BtU code is on all carriers, 48 in model =48000 btu

12000 btu =1 ton

48000btu= 4 ton

Same goes for all carrier coils and ahu

It may be a certified matchup but it is never ideal to mismatch in my opinion

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