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I got a call from a licensed plumber who is buying a house. After making the appointment, I asked him how he happened to get my name.

He then launched into a diatribe about how he has no respect for home inspectors. He's seen too many rotten reports, had friends who had been ripped off by home inspectors, and he thinks the profession is filled with realtor toadies who attended weekend seminars on home inspections after failing out of some other field.

So I asked him: "So why are you calling me?"

He said he wanted a home inspector, but he wanted to find a good one, so he did some googling and found something I'd posted on TIJ. He reasoned that anyone who would spend their spare time trying to learn more on an internet bulletin board, was probably better than most inspectors.

It's not the first time a client found me through this site, either.

So, be careful what you post here. Some of our clients are reading.

And thanks Mike O and Mike B. for providing this forum.


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You know, I was going to put up something similar. I got the same response yesterday when I asked a client how he found me. Found my website, googled a bit more and found comments here, decided it was worth the extra money.

Ain't the first time that's happened. Won't be the last.

But more important, it's a great place to learn and share!

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It's from The A Team television series - mid 80's.

George Peppard played John (Hannibal) Smith the team leader.

Banacek was Peppards earlier character in another series in the 70's.

I've told you before, Chad; my troops used to say, "Sergeant O is as old as dirt."



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